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I work with and guide women who are committed to transforming themselves and healing from their trauma and limiting beliefs to begin experiencing their true authentic selves.
Step by step, layer by layer we move through each level of your being so you can finally live trauma free!
The real struggles you're facing right now

You’re an intelligent woman in between twenty to forty something and are known as the one who keeps everything together for others. You love helping others but often it’s at your own expense. Because of this you have a hefty responsibility load and some cloudy dreams you would like to make clearer. You likely work in a professional setting, and may have studied a bit to get there. You work hard, and really like/expect all aspects in your life to be perfect.

Some days you feel that you have a real grasp on your life yet in others you’re completely overwhelmed, out of control and really uncomfortable. In these moments you really need to hide and try to push it all down so you don’t experience those terrifying panic attacks, to avoid the experience you often watch a movie and binge eat on junk food. All the while that inner critic is lashing out at you, for not making steps towards those goals you set out for yourself, then  on top of it all, you feel guilty for trying to push these terrifying emotions down.This spirals into shark angry and frustration as you loose your sense of self worth and lock yourself away in deep depression, just waiting for it all to pass. Not wanting to see anyone but secretly hoping someone will actually understand and rescue you from this never ending cycle of pain and suffering.

Some nights are sleepless, worrying about those people you’re trying to ‘help’ but mostly fearing that they’ll see you don’t have life figured out as you claim to.  Sometimes you feel like your life is a facade and you even feel like a fraud as at any moment you can be over-taken by this darkness inside, which you know is there but you just don’t feel safe to go there and even more you just don’t know how!


You’ve been to different doctors, counselors even psychiatrists that have probably put you on medication or told you, you need to be on medication but you never felt that they understood you, what you’re really going through and deep down didn’t feel that this was the right answer. You’ve read some self-help books, practiced breathing, meditation, yoga, exercising it out, or ways to medicate, but you still couldn’t access that part of you, something is still missing.

What you would like instead
You want gentle, loving and supportive guidance from someone you can trust, using a simple and relatable method that teaches you how to release the trauma inside your body and mind to feel really safe inside yourself at any time, place or circumstance. And to feel a connection with your soul - true self. No longer being held back by crippling anxiety, panic attacks or depression and clearly mapping out a road made of self-love and confidence that allows you to access your authentic self.


You know for sure that you won’t be able to make big changes in your life to create more peace, a loving relationship or a career change, without understanding how you can manage your fears, anxieties and stress levels better.

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Hi, I'm Lalita Gopika

I’m a former monk, an intuitive energy healer, meditation teacher, and spiritual coach. For over 10 years I've guided, encouraged and inspired others to heal from their physical, mental and emotional issues to create a more healthy holistic and spiritual lifestyle. My unique and holistic approach has helped my clients with headaches, back pain, low energy, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, depression and lack of purpose. If you suffer from any of these or additional symptoms, I’d love to help you heal.


Total wellness must encompass wellness in the body, steadiness in the mind, and a connection to the deeper current of the soul.