Your session will always begin with a small consultation allowing me to understand how to best serve you throughout your treatment.
To begin I apply some gentle stretches and reiki healing to help your body and mind relax into the environment and forget the stress of the day. I then apply organic essential oils whilst using a combination of deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu and trigger point therapy techniques to help you further relax and revitalize your entire body. The techniques are always aligned with your breath and natural energy flow, which means the treatment is designed for your specific needs. Overall the movements are very soft to encourage relaxation, however for tight tired muscles trigger point and deep tissue techniques are specifically applied. 

Ultimately we're not just our bodies, we have thoughts, feelings, and emotions too! These thoughts, feelings, and emotions, even though we can't see them are actually stored in our energy bodies or subtle body which certainly have some lasting and powerful effects on us throughout each day of our lives!  And if not dealt with in a healthy loving way it can have damaging effects on our mind and physical body. This is where energy healing can be very useful! (see the paragraph below for more information.) Throughout your massage I use energy healing, which is ultimately very relaxing for you, in fact, it's been known to put my clients right to sleep! The energy healing is applied throughout the treatment with the other techniques as mentioned above, they all work in synergy together to help you heal body and mind.


Hot stone massage gets its name by, you guessed it, the use of heated stones!
The stones are made of basalt which, is a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. Once the stones are heated to the correct temperature (not too hot!) they are placed on different parts of the body to not only warm up the body in these colder months but to softens the muscle tissue in the specific area they're applied, as the muscle tissue softens this naturally relaxes your mind as well as your body.
As well as being placed on different parts of the body, I also use the stones as part of the soft flowing movements of the swedish style massage and as part of the deep tissue and trigger point style of massage too.

Please refer to the Intuitive massage and energy healing for more information on the different styles.


What is energy healing? All of each and every day are affected by energy, either within our own body, from other people or the environment around us. Have you ever walked into a room and just know you've interrupted a conversation, yet no one has said anything verbally? This is because you're picking up on the energy in the room. We all have experiences like this every day, without even realizing it's subtle connection with our consciousness.

An energy healing session is primarily focused to help you become more aware of what's happening with your own energy body. It's administered by your practitioner assessing different areas of your body by utilizing the unseen "life force energy" which flows through all of us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is disrupted or depleted, then we are more likely to feel stress, and become ill. If one’s energy is at it peek, we are more capable of being healthy and at our full potential.

My healings are always gentle and restore and rebuild the natural balance of energy to the mind and body. 

They're also accompanied by my ability to hold space, access intuition and recognize subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities. These skills allow me to understand what’s happening for you on a deeper subtle layers - mind, intelligence, and ego. These are the areas of ourselves that we often cannot see very clearly. But we experience them when we feel anxiety, depression, fear, anger, resentment, limiting self-sabotaging beliefs..etc. Generally, things that aren’t at all pleasant to face! But the Reiki energy healing is like a soothing balm to these layers, slowly and gently allowing us to face, accept, release and transform these parts of ourselves so that we are able to move forward in a healthy, loving and wholesome ways.

After a session you will likely feel a sense of feeling renewed/refreshed, warmth, calm and lightness flowing through you.


I totally recommend Lalita Gopika Wellness to everyone. Lalita puts your health & wellbeing number one. She listens to understand and is very knowledgeable. I had a full body massage. It was heaven on earth, so good. Lalita is professional and the room is lovely, clean and private. Very relaxing.10/10!

Cathy Neilsen

Body Treatments - Murwillumbah