Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone massage gets its name by, you guessed it, the use of heated stones!
The stones are made of basalt which, is a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. Once the stones are heated to the correct temperature (not too hot!) they are placed on different parts of the body to not only warm up the body in these colder months but to softens the muscle tissue in the specific area they're applied, as the muscle tissue softens this naturally relaxes your mind and your body.


As well as being placed on different parts of the body, I also use the stones as part of the soft flowing movements of the swedish style massage and as part of the deep tissue and trigger point style of massage too.  The different massage techniques are always aligned with your breath and natural energy flow, which means the treatment is designed for your specific needs. Overall the movements are very soft to encourage relaxation, however for tight tired muscles trigger point and deep tissue techniques are specifically applied. 

Ultimately we're not just our bodies, we have thoughts, feelings, and emotions too! Often it's difficult to switch these off or tune out. This is where Reiki can be very helpful.  Reiki is a Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is an extremely gentle, yet powerful form of energy healing as it restores and rebuilds the natural balance of energy to the mind, body. Generally, from the first session, you will notice a renewed energy improvement, a feeling of warmth and calmness flowing through you, lightness and relief of stress and anxiety. I find that the use of Reiki throughout your treatment is vital to not only helping you relax but deeply helping you to restore energy and balance into your life.


​Hot Stone Massage can assist with - 

  • stress reduction and relaxation         

  • menopause symptoms           

  • relief from emotional distress

  • strengthen the immune system                                 

  • fear and anger release                     

  • sorrow and grief relief 

  • correct sleeping issues

  • surgery recovery  


WAS 90min - $90

NOW 90min - $75


Until 31st August ONLY!!

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