Meditation - Grafton

Hot stone massage gets its name by, you guessed it, the use of heated stones!
The stones are made of basalt which, is a type of volcanic rock that retains heat. Once the stones are heated to the correct temperature (not too hot!) they are placed on different parts of the body to not only warm up the body in these colder months but to softens the muscle tissue in the specific area they're applied, as the muscle tissue softens this naturally relaxes your mind as well as your body.

As well as being placed on different parts of the body, I also use the stones as part of the soft flowing movements of the swedish style massage and as part of the deep tissue and trigger point style of massage too.
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Ultimately we're not just our bodies, we have thoughts, feelings, and emotions too! So naturally, massage has an effect on these subtle energies within us, for example, you may be able to sleep better after your treatment, it may relieve depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases also. 



WAS 90min - $90

NOW 90min - $65\

Until 15th July ONLY!!