Soul Session - Online

If our body is strong but our mind is weak, we won't be experiencing happiness. If our body and mind are strong, but we don’t have a connection to our true purpose, we won’t feel satisfied. Total wellness must encompass wellness in the body, steadiness in the mind, and a connection to the deeper current of the soul.


But what is the soul? According to Vedic knowledge the soul - us is eternal. full of knowledge and always blissful! Yet dealing with the day to day life scenarios most of us don't experience a sense of happiness, what to speak of bliss! Most of us spend our lives focusing on planning for a better future, contemplating past experiences, repeating old patterns and sometimes even feeling anxious and depressed!

A soul session is designed to take you on a journey within. A conscious and meditative experience to help you heal from past wounds and feel nurtured, whole and content in the present.

  Each session takes about 2 hours, sometimes longer and begins with a 45min to the 60min wellness/spiritual coaching session, this allows us to get to know one another and assess the areas you're feeling stuck and wanting to heal.  After we feel we've touched on key points during the coaching section we'll then move onto the Intuitive distant healing.


What is distant energy healing? And how does it work?
All of us, each and every day are affected by energy, either within our own body (our life force, Prana or Chi) from other people or from the environment around us. Have you ever walked into a room and just known you've interrupted a conversation, yet no one has said anything verbally? Or perhaps you've thought of a person and then they've appeared or contacted you moments later. This is because you're picking up on subtle energy frequencies. But we also have abilities to send them too. Like radio waves through the air, you just need to tune into the right frequency.  As I said we all do this every day we're simply not ware of it, or rather not aware of the power that our own thoughts, feelings and emotions on us or on others. 

So when we think of distant energy healing, it's simply a way of receiving loving energy without having to go any where or physically see anyone! Pretty cool, right! All you need to do is sit or lie down, relax and clear your mind and your practitioner will tap into higher energy frequencies and send them to you.

My healings are always gentle and restore and rebuild the natural balance of energy to the mind and body. They're also accompanied by my ability to hold space, access intuition and recognize subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities. These skills allow me to understand what’s happening for you on a deeper subtle layers - mind, intelligence, and ego. These are the areas of ourselves that we often cannot see very clearly. But we experience them when we feel anxiety, depression, fear, anger, resentment, limiting self-sabotaging beliefs..etc. Generally, things that aren’t at all pleasant to face! But the energy healing is like a soothing balm to these layers, slowly and gently allowing us to face, accept, release and transform these parts of ourselves so that we are able to move forward in a healthy, loving and wholesome ways.

After a session you will likely feel a sense of feeling renewed/refreshed, warmth, calm and lightness flowing through you.

To round up the session I will give an overall analysis of your mind, body, and soul.  To help you integrate and deepen the work we've done together throughout the session I will give you some tools such as meditations, breath work, and stretches that you can apply practically into your life.

It is my goal that you leave your healing session with clear information and understanding of what has transpired to help you on your inner journey.