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Why Inner Work is so Important!

I could for hours and often I do, physically sit in one place whilst internally actively exploring, connecting with, contemplating and mapping out my inner world. I strongly believe in a force higher than ourselves and that many things are out of our control yet simultaneously the power that comes from ourselves, our intentions and beliefs are just as powerful, especially when we recognize that the two are intrinsically and uniquely connected. A power that exists within each and every living entity. We each have the ability to change, correct and improve ourselves but it will only be a lasting change if we first connect with our intentions - what are we really putting out into the world vs what we externally we want - what we desire and aspire towards. This really only becomes obvious when we set a goal or strive for something and can’t understand why we’re not reaching it…

For example someone could deeply desire a loving partner or aspire to a different career, yet based on their experiences they could deeply believe they’re not worthy, not capable of such things even though they may have all the qualifications or desirable qualities and traits, if we don’t first believe in the power, beauty and uniqueness of ourselves why would any one else? Therefore inner work is imperative not just for a spiritual practice but for a healthy happy balanced lifestyle. Before I start any endeavour or set any goal I will always contemplate my internal state in general and around that topic and try to map out any blocks, limitations, red flags or anchors I may have around it before moving forward.

What are some things that you do to shift your intentions and connect more with yourself internally?