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Closing Down & New Beginnings

I must admit that I’ve always been a bit of a black sheep in society, I almost despised following the ‘norm’ and honestly could never relate to it! In retrospect it was a type of pride to feel superior and important, an identity I had formed over many years. So when Covid-19 rolled around I held steadfast to this belief, I was convinced it wouldn’t effect me, hence my previous email being rather candid almost amused. But alas it did effect me, as it did the entire world, not a single person is left unchanged by this great force of nature. Some subscribing to the belief of it all being hokum and others fearing for their safety in this world, in their communities. Retreating to their houses but taking shelter of their minds, their behaviors and internal beliefs and almost being forced to go inward and face a deeper part of themselves.

After much soul searching and introspection, I have decided to close my little wellness practice, not because of the Covid pandemic, a lack of clients or even lack of desire to be of service but because the need has changed.

During this time especially I saw such a great need in my community and in the world for inner change and internal growth particularly in a spiritual way. Most are suffering, not necessarily because of a lack of food or shelter but because of a lack of deep love within their own hearts. As Australians we are very very fortunate yet there is still a dire need to bring this love out, to share and express ourselves in more meaningful and authentic ways. I believe is a huge learning for all of us at this time. As many of you know I was a monk in the Bhakti Yoga tradition for five years and still continue my practices which fuels my drive to most importantly connect with own authenticity but to serve in more deep and meaningful ways so to meet the greater need and in line with my own values, I have decided upon a new model or structure that focuses primarily on those suffering with different types traumas giving tools to introduce you to your ‘inner world’ and the power that comes from YOU! This will be delivered online 1:1 with the support of a video course and social media group. The launch will be some time in August or even early September.

For those who have committed to and payed for their sessions before the covid pandemic I will of course honor the remaining sessions that we have, please reach out to me if you haven’t done so already so we can arrange something.

I was hoping to have more clarity and structure on this new model before I wrote to you but some are already reaching out to restart so I wanted to clear the air. If you are interested in this new program I will have more information soon with a basic outline and structure.

I pray that you feel great positive change within yourself, your family and community from this trying time and I am deeply sorry if you have had to suffer in any way.

I look forward to serving you in new and improved ways. In loving service, Lalita

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