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If our body is strong but our mind is weak, we won't be experiencing happiness. If our body and mind are strong, but we don’t have a connection to our true purpose, we won’t feel satisfied. Total wellness must encompass wellness in the body, steadiness in the mind, and a connection to the deeper current of the soul.


But what is the soul? According to Vedic knowledge the soul - us is eternal. full of knowledge and always blissful! Yet dealing with the day to day life scenarios most of us don't experience a sense of happiness, what to speak of bliss! Most of us spend our lives focusing on planning for a better future, contemplating past experiences, repeating old patterns and sometimes even feeling anxious and depressed!

A soul session is designed to take you on a journey within. A conscious and meditative experience to help you heal from past wounds and feel nurtured, whole and content in the present.

  Each session takes about 2 hours, sometimes longer and begins with a 45min to the 60min wellness/lifestyle coaching session, this allows us to understand any areas you're feeling stuck and wanting to heal. I help you uncover this by using different coaching strategies, as well as utilizing my ability to hold space, access intuition and recognize subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities. This helps us to identify and break through any limiting beliefs and negative patterns that may be holding you back.

 After we feel we've touched on key points during the wellness coaching we'll then move onto the Intuitive massage and healing.

This begins with some gentle stretches and reiki healing (please refer to the paragraph below for more info on Reiki) to help your body and mind relax into the environment and forget the stress of the day. I then apply
 organic essential oils whilst using a combination of deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu and trigger point therapy techniques to help you further relax and revitalize your entire body. The techniques are always aligned with your breath and natural energy flow, which means the treatment is designed for your specific needs. Overall the movements are very soft to encourage relaxation, however for tight tired muscles trigger point and deep tissue techniques are specifically applied. 

After the intuitive massage, I often receive deep impressions about what is happening for you, on levels that you resonate with but may not be fully conscious of. These will come under categories of the body, mind or soul. I always share these impressions in a way that will help you to integrate and deepen the work we've done together. Giving you tools and practical personal guidance that is you can apply as soon as you get home. This may include personal meditations, mantras, breathwork, stretches..etc

It is my goal that you leave your healing session with clear information and understanding of what has transpired to help you on your inner journey.





Reiki is a Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is an extremely gentle, yet powerful form of energy healing as it restores and rebuilds the natural balance of energy to the mind, body. Generally, from the first session, you will notice a renewed energy improvement, a feeling of warmth and calmness flowing through you, lightness and relief of stress and anxiety. 

It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is disrupted or depleted, then we are more likely to feel stress, and become ill. If one’s energy is at it peek, we are more capable of being healthy and at our full potential.


The Reiki energy healing is also accompanied by my ability to hold space, access intuition and recognize subtle transmissions of information that are received through inner guidance and psychic abilities. These skills allow me to understand what’s happening for you on a deeper subtle layers - mind, intelligence, and ego. These are the areas of ourselves that we often cannot see very clearly. But we experience them when we feel anxiety, depression, fear, anger, resentment, limiting self-sabotaging beliefs..etc. Generally, things that aren’t at all pleasant to face! But the Reiki energy healing is like a soothing balm to these layers, slowly and gently allowing us to face, accept, release and transform these parts of ourselves so that we are able to move forward in a healthy, loving and wholesome ways.

After a session you will likely feel a sense of feeling renewed/refreshed, warmth, calm and lightness flowing through you.



it's been really wonderful to genuinely connect & share and to find a soul to lift higher with, so very special!
The treatment was unlike anything else I've experienced, very gentle but so powerful....i felt a lot shift during and now I feel different, surely i'll sleep well!..., you are an inspiration Lalita. I can't wait to delve into this work with you. I love how much you know, you embody your knowledge so well, and share it effortlessly, I thank you for this - Hayley Skeggs

Lalita is a warm, kind, passionate, and intuitive woman who listens and guides with care and genuineness. Her message is strong and therapeutic. I absolutely recommend Lalita. -
Kat Giles


 I find I am now more calm, content, clear in my thoughts (most of the time) and adjusting slowly to life without the beautiful soul I had the divine pleasure to call Mum. I have also taken on your advice of not over helping and that too has improved relationships with those people dearest to me. Again I can not thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, advice and calm spirit. - Kim Wynan