Soul Sessions - Grafton


After years of giving massage and healing it became obvious how intrinsically connected our physical, mental and emotional states are and if my clients weren’t able to become aware of the connection and be supported in their healing journey their pain would simply come back again and again!

A Soul session is a Spiritual Coaching session and Intuitive Healing Massage put together in one session and it's designed to help you deepen your relationship with yourself, divinity and move forward in your healing journey..

Each session takes about 2 hours, sometimes longer and begins with a 45min to the 60min spiritual coaching session, this allows us to shed some light on any areas of concern in your life. We often feel relieved even just revealing our burden to someone else, it then no longer becomes just ours to hold all alone. It also helps us to relax into the next part of the session.

During the massage and energy healing, I’m able to access what’s happening for you on deeper or subtle levels through intuition, inner guidance, and psychic abilities. Afterward, I share the impressions from the healing and then help you integrate the work we’ve done together. Giving you tools and practical personal guidance that is you can apply as soon as you get home. This may include personal meditations, mantras, breathwork, stretches..etc

It is my goal that you leave your healing session with clear information and understanding of what has transpired to help you on your inner journey.


it's been really wonderful to genuinely connect & share and to find a soul to lift higher with, so very special! The treatment was unlike anything else I've experienced, very gentle but so powerful. I felt a lot shift during and now I feel different, surely I'll sleep well! You are an inspiration Lalita. I can't wait to delve into this work with you. I love how much you know, you embody your knowledge so well, and share it effortlessly, I thank you for this. 

Hayley Skeggs